The Programme

Happy Health Family

This feature uses pictures to help the patient get the help they need.

The Happy Health feature cover common illnesses and we have started with these using 80/20 rule so the programme can be useful to many.

This programme feature will grow in broadness as our pharmacist writes more information.

The average reading ability age is approximately 11.The Programme content is written with this in mind.

NHS Information

Medipoint Kiosk has a link to NHS website a UK Government based organisation with comprehensive healthcare information.

Medipoint Health Pharm Treatment Appointment at the Pharmacy

Our sister company Medipoint Health Pharm is a shop fitting initiative.

The purpose is to allow Dentists, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists and other healthcare Professionals to practice at the Pharmacy.

This feature allows the making of appointments and making payments for treatment. 


PIL is our Patient Information Leaflet programme which is led by the Pharmacist.

This feature is a useful tool for Pharmacists to explain to the patient their medication, any side effects and how to take the medication.

Patients can report any side effects of their medication and with the patient's authority send the data back to the manufacturer of the medication.