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Medipoint Kiosk Details

Medipoint Kiosk Details

Key Features:

32″ Android Network Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content, TV programs, advertising, menus, and every sort of information on networks of displays.

Medipoint Kiosk has demonstrated a Digital Signage application on android platform. The application provides the features of updating the content from remote web browser, playback of video content, image, web pages and scrolling text messages.

Medipoint Kiosk (MPK) is a Touch Screen Kiosk with a small footprint and slim profile.

MPK has a Sim Card slot so no need for a Broadband Router.

MPK has a printer. 

MPK has a card reader for taking payments and reading your medical records from your MPK (Medipoint Kiosk) card if you the patient chooses to save their illnesses on to the MPK card. The patient is in total control of who has access to your patient medical records.

MPK has Bluetooth to connect optional blood pressure machine and blood testing by pin prick to the Medipoint Kiosk. With some help from your GP Doctor test results can be sent to your GP via your Broadband Router and GP's E-mail address.

MPK has a microphone, speakers and camera for video conferencing using Skype with your health professionals.

Key Features:

• Point of Sale

• Home, GP Surgery Waiting Room, Hospital, Pharmacy and Business.

• Self-service Terminal

• Public Information Display

• Android 7.1 operating system

• Rockchip RK3288 Quad-core CPU

• 2/4GB DDR3+8/16/32 GB Flash

• 802.11 B/G/N/AC internal Wifi

• 4G/WIFI/WLAN Network connection

• Remote Management Software

• Portrait & Landscape display mode

• 1080P Display output

• Capacitive touch

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