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Healthcare Information Kiosk

Based in Newbury, at Medipoint Kiosk we supply Medipoint Kiosks to people's homes, pharmacies, health centres, hospitals and businesses.

Our Medipoint Kiosks will help you with Health Care Information, Patient Counselling and Treatment Room Appointment Making.

A Medipoint Kiosk at Home will send test results to your GP including Blood Pressure and simple finger prick blood tests for sugar and cholesterol carried out by the patient with the addition of testing devices.

If you wish to know more about our Medipoint Kiosks WhatsApp us on 07411 958321.

Our Aim

Our aim with our Medipoint Kiosk is to provide an interactive information system for patients. Take all the info from paper leaflets and transfer them to a Medipoint Kiosk.Touch screens have become an acceptable user-friendly way to provide information. 

Have a Medipoint Kiosk at home and add a blood pressure device, blood sugar test and cholesterol testing device.

Medipoint Kiosk has Bluetooth so results from your tests can be sent to your GP. This will help make the health care system more efficient with the Medipoint Kiosk providing a "Helping Hand" for healthcare professionals. 

Make appointments to see your Dentist, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist and other Healthcare Professionals based at Medipoint Health Pharm Treatment Rooms in UK pharmacies.

Medipoint Kiosk has a Card Reader.

Your Patient Medical Record Information is kept on your Medipoint Card and can only be released to commercial and public organisations with your permission.

Pharmacists can improve the way their Medipoint Health Pharm Treatment Room works with our Medipoint Kiosk.

Make Money by Automatically becoming a Partner in our Holding Partnership

Profits from all our activities made in the healthcare, construction and energy sectors are sent to our Holding Partnership.

All our customers, contractors, employees and patients are partners in our holding partnership.

50% of our profits are shared equally among our partners.

The other 50% goes to research an develop new products and services in the health, construction and energy sectors.

Our construction Project Home in a Dome will revolutionise the building industry and improve the quality of the Sea by using recycled plastic.

How the Kiosks Work

Book Appointments for the Treatment Room
Offers Healthcare Information
Offers Product & Medicine Information
Offers Pharmacists a Patient Counseling System
Staff Training
Patient Information Leaflet Info
Captures Data
Patient in Full Control of who has Data

Cartoon and Trademark

Cartoon and Trademark

The Cartoon was drawn by Martin Honeysett. Martin Honeysett gave permission for the Cartoon to be used for marketing purposes in 1994.

The Trademark Medipoint Kiosk is owned by Michael Hall.

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